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What is the 3 Day Cleanse and Why is it Different from the Dozens of Mucoid Plaque Cleanses on the Market?

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The 3 Day Cleanse for mucoid plaque removal is nothing short of a breakthrough from the Far East containing a fiber from the oil palm tree that penetrates the accumulation of mucoid plaque in the colon, lubricates the colon wall and makes it slippery so that the rubbery accumulation "slips right out". Remember the summer toy "slip 'n slide" which is a long piece of plastic that once you spray water on it, you can run head first and slide 20-30 feet. The key is the water. Without the water you're stuck. The oil palm fiber is the ONLY fiber that actually penetrates this muoid plaque buildup and lubricates the colon wall to make it slippery. That’s why it works in just three days, like grease lightning!

....lubricates the colon wall and makes it
slippery so that the rubbery mucoid
plaque accumulation "slips right out"

Many of my customers have told me that it felt like the mucoid plaque (encrusted fecal matter) just slipped out effortlessly.

The 3 Day Cleanse doesn't scrape along like fibers or cause contractions and cramps like laxatives. It actually cleans the entire colon, small intestine, and large intestine, all without side effects, pain or bloating. This is the ONLY cleanse in the world that contains the Oil Palm Fiber and I promise you this is unlike any mucoid plaque cleanse you have ever tried.

Most Colon Cleanses are just the same rehash of things like psyllium, bentonite, slippery elm, marshmellow, harsh herbs like casacara sagrada, senna, etc, etc. I know because I used to work at a health food store and I am familiar with all the name brands. These inferior fibers work by sweeping the colon and can work, but it will probably take 30 days or longer.

Also, Psyllium and Bentonite can possibly cause more harm than good considering Bentonite is up to 35% Aluminum and psyllium can harden like cement creating an adverse reaction. When mixed with water, psyllium produces a substance called mucilage which is similar to adhesive glue binding to the fecal matter. Also Psyllium can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals and can possibly lower blood sugar, so it is ill advised for diabetics. The unique 3 Day Cleanse ingredient, oil palm trunk fiber, works perfectly for mucoid plaque removal as it penetrates the fecal matter, lubricates the colon wall, and helps it to slide right out. A safer and more effective process.

3 Day Cleanse works in just three days unlike most programs that take up to a month...

But most importantly is that the 3 Day Cleanse works in just three days unlike most programs that take up to a month or longer and require many pills, teas, etc.

The 3 Day Cleanse flushes out that 15 to 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter called mucoid plaque inside your colon and restores a healthy, perfectly balanced environment for your insides.

Mucoid Plaque Cleanse
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